Learning and Teaching

Life Education


Life Education is an essential element of whole-person education which aims at fostering students' positive values and attitudes through the school curriculum and the provision of diversified learning experiences. It also develops students' ability to analyse and judge issues relating to personal, family, social, national and global issues at different developmental stages, and enhances their willingness to make commitment and contributions.



Based on the seven categories of moral values, civic and national education, growth lessons, school-based special courses, and with the school's three-year plan, we have developed a school-based life education curriculum for all levels.

  • Use a 'life events' approach to design our course
  • Use a 'six life theme'to organize our course
  • Use life skills modules to enhance students' self-care
  • Our social worker collaborates with the teachers to teach students to apply and then overcome problems encountered in their daily life

Website suggested:

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2019-2020 activities

1. National Flag raising ceremony

The national flag raising ceremony is carried out on the first Monday of every month.


2. My actions My pledge

The theme of this year's "My actions My pledge" is "Be thankful, positive and optimistic". The pledge was already made during the assembly and class teacher period on 6th September, 2019.



3. “Embrace life” seminar

In order to help students  develop life skills, and have a deeper understanding of life, a seminar was held at our school on 6th September of 2019.