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Student Enrollment

Admission Procedures:

Parents can contact the school’s Student Affairs teacher (Admissions Section) for enquiries about admission via phone or email
Phone: 29820242
Email: enquiry@nls.edu.hk
• The I/C teacher will arrange an appointment to meet the applicant and parents via phone
• Parents need to come to school to fill in the 'Application Form' and submit the following documents:
(1) Hong Kong birth certificate or entry and residence certificate
(together with birth date proof documents, such as valid travel documents)
(2) The most recent school report card (if any) or the most recent evaluation record
(3) Student Handbook
(4) Student ID photo
(5) Parental identification documents
(6) Proof of residential address (e.g. lease agreement / water supply bill / electricity bill)
• The school will arrange for a student evaluation
• Local students will be assigned to the appropriate level based on the grade and results of the original school; if they are not local students, they will be assessed based on the original grade and age.
• The I/C teacher will distribute applicable notices, the school uniform supplier business cards and book lists, as well as to notify the school office staff to collect the charges for the Handbook, Visual Art materials, school exercise books and PTA membership fee, etc.