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“Smart Parent Net” Revamped Website

The Education Bureau (EDB) has launched the revamped “Smart Parent Net” one-stop parent education information website ( The revamped website has a renewed colour theme and outlook, as well as an enhanced categorisation of content, making it even more convenient for parents to get information relating to parent-child relationship, character development, parenting skills and emotional management of parents.
The main contents of the revamped “Smart Parent Net” website include:
  • Six key themes: providing comprehensive information catergorised under “Parent-child Relationship”, “Character Development”, “Education & Learning”, “Physical and Mental Health”, “Life Planning” and “Home-school Cooperation” thereby catering for the needs of different parents;
  • “Positive Parent Campaign” section: enabling parents with easier access to the articles, videos, information on activities and resources related to "Positive Parent Campaign";
  • Calendar: allowing parents to search for parent education courses or activities organised by EDB and navigate other important issues related to parent education; and
  • “Parent Education Activity Information Hub” section: allowing parents easy access to information on parent education courses and activities organised by other government departments and post-secondary institutions in Hong Kong.
We encourage all parents to navigate the “Smart Parent Net” website, follow its social media platforms, and subscribe to the e-newsletter through the below hyperlinks or QR codes to keep abreast on the latest development of parent education.


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Parent Workshop


Positive Vibes @ Home Thematic Online Workshops on Parent Gatekeeper Training(Chinese version only)

Parent Gatekeeper Training(Chinese version only)

Reference Materials

1. Net Smart Parent Net(Chinese only)


2. Types of Special Educational Needs Pamphlets

3. Safeguard Children's Mental Health - Prevent Youth Suicide




Useful Links for Parents


“Youth Development Blueprint #Youth” TV Promotional Programme
(10 episodes in total, around 3 minutes per episode; Cantonese version with Chinese subtitle)


“To Be Here, It’s Good” Interview Series
(9 episodes in total, around 5 minutes per episode; Cantonese version with Chinese and English subtitles)


“Let’s Talk About Hong Kong” Sharing Series
(9 episodes in total to be released in phases, around 25 minutes per episode; Cantonese version with Chinese subtitle)


One-stop student mental health information website, "Mental Student Mental Health Information Online


Net Smart Parent Net(Chinese only)---Education Bureau

Introduce Parent-child Relationship,haracter Development, een.


Parent Information(Chinese only)---Education Bureau


Committee on Home-School Co-operation

Introduce Parents’ Talks, Education & Parenting Information


Parents Academy---TWGHs

Provide E-learning about Relationship Building, Parent-child mini game, een.


Parenting Tips---Centre for Child and Family Science

Issue videos with different parenting skills demonstration


Parent Academy---HKedcity(Chinese only)

Release information about children's learning support, parenting and growth, children's school selection, etc.


Practical Resource Hub for Healthy Life