Learning and Teaching



The Putonghua curriculum is designed to focus on practical situations. The learning components of the subject include listening, speaking, reading and the correct pronunciation of sounds. The learning outcomes are as follows:    


  • To nurture language fluency in listening, speaking and reading, as well as promoting self-learning
  • To gain an understanding of Chinese culture and language
  • To help students’ develop a love for learning and a positive learning, attitude and good habits
  • The curriculum not only focuses on developing students’ listening and speaking skills in Putonghua; but also on their reading, the correct pronunciation of sounds as well as cultural knowledge



Putonghua Fun Day – booth games


Putonghua Fun Day – Bingo!



Putonghua Fun Day – Putonghua games on iPad


Putonghua Fun Day – cartoon theatre 


Putonghua Solo Verse performance


Putonghua poetry music performance


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