Learning and Teaching


Aim of subject:

It aims to help students develop their creativity, appreciation of music and effective communication. In the learning process, students can nurture their aesthetic sensitivity and build up cultural awareness. Furthermore, students can pursue a life-long interest in music and become more aware of it. In addition, it helps students develop musical skills, construct knowledge of music and develop positive values and attitudes.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To develop creativity and imagination: 
    Develop their musical ideas and master creative skills by playing musical instruments and listening to music.
  2. Develop musical skills and processes:
    Develop their skills of playing musical instructions to experience and perform music. In the process, it can cultivate their musical imagination and sense of music.
  3. To pursue musical aesthetic ability:
    Understand and respond to the music and cultivate aesthetic capacity.
  4. To understand the situation of music:
    Understand the function of music and the relationship between music and culture.


Lunchbreak Singing Time

 Christmas Carols

Music Show

Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival


Website suggested

Hong Kong Sinfonietta Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Metropolitan Youth Orchestra
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra