Learning and Teaching

General Studies

Curriculum Goals

  • Maintain a healthy personal development and become confident, rational and responsible citizens

  • Recognise their roles and responsibilities as members of the family and society and show concern for their well-being

  • Develop a sense of national identity and be committed to contributing to the nation and the world

  • Develop curiosity and interest in the natural and technological world as well as understand the impact of science and technology on society

  • Develop care and concern for the environment


Characteristics of our Mathematics Curriculum

  • Create school-based teaching resources to strengthen students' skills in exploring and problem solving, higher order thinking skills, scientific inquiry and research.
  • Organize seminars and crossed-subject activities related to multi-ethnic cultures to increase students' understanding of Hong Kong's multi-ethnic nature.
  • Broaden students' horizons and interest through General Studies field trips.
  • Participate in the school-based support programme for General Studies to improve the professional level of General Studies teachers and build an excellent teaching team.


Learning activities

  • Joyful Fruit Month

  • Lectures on General Studies

  • STEM DAY  


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