Learning and Teaching

Non-Chinese Student Support

Curriculum Goals:

  • In our school, Chinese is not only viewed as a subject but also as a learning tool for the NCS students, this is why we have different arrangements and learning groups to help them pick up Cantonese listening and speaking skills as quickly as possible. This is to facilitate their communication and learning. At the same time, the capable non-Chinese speaking students can also connect to the local secondary school curriculum.
  • Except for the English subject taught in English and the Putonghua subject taught in Putonghua, all subjects are taught in Cantonese. Therefore, for non-Chinese speaking students in this school, Chinese is not only a subject, but also a learning tool for them. We use different methods to help students learn Chinese, such as developing school-based Chinese learning software.
  • In addition, we will actively look for external resources, such as co-operating with different tertiary institutions such as the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and The Education University of Hong Kong to optimize classroom teaching.


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