Learning and Teaching



  • To enhance our students'  listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English through our English Language curriculum

  • To enrich our students' learning experiences through various types of activities

  • To help students' extend their knowledge and exchange experiences with people from different cultures

  • To cater for learner diversity in our school


Characteristics of our English Curriculum

  • Reading and writing skills are developed to foster students’ literacy development in a systematic way for Key Stage One and Two.

  • A communicative learning approach is adopted in General English lessons at all levels.

  • A school-based phonics programme for Key Stage One.

  • Supplementary phonics, reading and writing classes to take into account learner diversity.

  • Supplementary exam technique lessons.


English Activities

  • Reading Buddies

  • English Speaking Day and English Morning Assembly on a selected weekdays

  • English Creative Writing Classes

  • Morning and Lunch Time Reading and Phonics Class

  • English Fun Day

Website suggested

Learning websites: 

Fun English for kids - British Council  Learn English - Online ESL games Free online grammar games 
Games for learning English ESL Fun Grammar games  


Apps for iOS: 

Pirate treasure hunt: eight challenges Monkey puzzles  Games to Learn English 
Endless Wordplay (Phonics app for junior pupils) Cursive writing wizard VerbSmash