Learning and Teaching

Chinese Language

Development directions


The Chinese language education program aims to enable students to obtain a comprehensive and balanced language learning experience which follows these aims:

  • To increase an interest in reading, broaden the range of reading, increase the amount of reading, accumulate knowledge and range of vocabulary, expand horizons and outlook
  • To strengthen moral values, cultural learning and foster the understanding of Chinese culture, reflection and recognition
  • To develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • To cultivate aesthetic appreciation and appeal and to strengthen Chinese literary skills
  • To cultivate and encourage an independent and critical thinking and creativity
  • To adjust to changes in society, in response to student needs, compile a variety of learning materials, and use them flexibly

Learning dimensions:

Nine learning dimensions of Chinese language including reading, writing, listening, speaking, literature, Chinese culture, moral education, thinking and self-learning. To plan these courses, we need to ensure that students learn them in a balanced and comprehensive way.


Curriculum planning

To enable students to achieve the learning objectives and requirements, the school will follow the curriculum guidelines developed by the Curriculum Development Council and plan a balanced and comprehensive language course, according to the student's ability, level, interests, etc. This course must be conducted in a step by step manner. It is necessary to take care of each learning stage, but also to have a balance between each learning stage and the nine learning dimensions. Therefore students can acquire a balanced and comprehensive development in different learning stages, in accumulation of knowledge, in mastering of skills, attitude and habit cultivation.


Subject activities


Chinese Day (Creating slogan and bookmark for the school anniversary)


Chinese Day (Chinese Fun Day)


Story Telling Competition


The Chinese and English Calligraphy Competition

Students will participate in the Chinese and English calligraphy competition which was held by the PTU, and the school calligraphy competition, which will be held at school every year.


Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Chinese Speech)

Every year Chinese teachers select students to participate in the Chinese Speech Competition organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association.



Website suggested

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