About School Alumni Association



 School Alumni Association of Northern Lamma School is organized by a group of enthusiastic old students at 2002. 




The following are the aims of the Association:

  • Promote and united the relationship between old students
  • Provide, apply and participate recreational activities
  • Strengthen the connection between the school
  • Enhance the sense of belongings between the old students, teachers and students.
  • Support the development of the school

The member of School Alumni Association care about the development of school and the learning of students, they sponsor $7200 for the book vouchers at 2003.


Members of first School Alumi Association

The members of the first School Alumni Association of Northern Lamma School:


Permanent Honorary President
Fong Loi, Chow Yuk Tong, Chow Yun Fat
Honorary President
Chow Man Kee, Cheng Kai Hung, Cheng Kai Lam, Wong Ma Tim, Chow Ma Ho
Fong Kam Hung, Yu Lai Fan
Vice President
Fong Cheung, Chan Lin Wai
Vice President
Yuen Tsen Nei
Ng Kai Sum
Vice Chairperson
Wong King Chuen, Ng Kam Shan
Financial Affairs
Ng Wah Fai, Tsang Guang Wing
Executive Committee
Chan Kam Fai, Chow Hing Fok, Lau Chi Yuen, Chow Chi Yin, Chow Ma Shing, Chow Fok Hing, Fong King
Wong Ho Yan, Lam Chi Yui