Activities Photos


School Year 2020-2021


4-12-2020 National Constitution Day



School Year 2017-2018


2-11-2017 School Picnic



26-10-2017 Inter-Primary Schools Athletics Competition



21-10-2017 Environmental Group Activities - Remaking Sheet



12-10-2017 Inter-Primary Schools Table Tennis Competition



12-10-2017 Dress Casual Day



School Year 2016-2017


26-8-2017 Islands District Anti-drug and Fight Crime Carnival2017



14-7-2017 A visit to Hong Kong Heritage Museum



13-7-2017 Sports Fun Day



26-5-2017 Inter Primary School Prize Presentation Ceremony of Ball Games



8-5-2017 Inter-Primary Schools Basketball Competition



22-3-2017 Discover Hong Kong Thematic Week



18-3-2017 Aberdeen Technical School Football Invitational Tournament



24-2-2017 19th All Hong Kong Inter-Area Primary Schools Athletics Competition



22-2-2017 New Sports Day Camp



22-1-2017 2017 Island District Cheerleading Competition



19-1-2017 Shadow Play Workshop Performance and Sharing



16-1-2017 Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition



14-1-2017 Team Building Day Camp



9-12-2016 The Exchange Programme to Macau



7-12-2016 A Talk organized by Sports Education on Olympism Programme for the Community



25-11-2016 Cub Scout Orientation



18-11-2016 School Picnic



9-11-2016 Environmental Talk



8-11-2016 Visit to Sheung Wan Route of Central and Western Heritage Trail



6-11-2016 Yuen Long Cheerleading Invitational Competition



2-11-2016 Joyful Fruit Month



27-10-2016 Inter-Primary Schools Athletics Competition



12-10-2016 Inter-Primary Schools Table Tennis Competition



5-10-2016 Dress Casual Day



28-9-2016 A drama about good to be alive