School Features


Different cultures

Children come to our school from different cultural backgrounds. Around 40% of non-Chinese speaking students learn to work together, respect each other and accept different cultures.



The school uses a small class teaching approach according to the Education Departments syllabus. The students learn through co-operative class learning, and diverse activities the school caters for the diverse needs of students, so that children can learn through life wide learning. Children at the school learn through different learning experiences. They develop whole-life, self- learning skills to equip them for the future.


Physical Education and Visual Art training.

Our school emphasizes students' physical education and visual art development. We have established a choir, music group, athletics team, table tennis team and football team. The teams develop children potential in these areas.


Multi-purpose Activities

Different multi-intelligence classes, interest groups and different subject groups such mathematics group provides various activities to nurture students' interest and potential.


Natural Environment for Learning

Our school makes use of natural teaching resources so that children learn through experiencing the local environment and can become closer to nature.