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Publish Date: 18-9-2018

The front door is blocked by a huge tree and the path is blocked. The back door is also dangerous because some trees are in danger. Therefore, starting from today, we can only enter and leave the school through the driveway (i.e. the right side of the front door) until further notice.

Publish Date: 16-9-2018

Education Bureau announces class suspension tomorrow (17-9-2018, Monday).

Publish Date: 6-6-2018

Due to the power blackout of the school this morning, after the repairs, although the power in some classrooms was restored, the power supply was still unstable. Therefore, the subjects originally scheduled for today’s examination(6/6) will be postponed to tomorrow.

Publish Date: 8-12-2017

The drainage construction works which connected with the island system at the back gate will start from 11 December 2017 (Monday). We would like to inform parents that the back gate will be closed again on that day until further notice. I hope for your understanding and patience. Thank you!

Publish Date: 29-9-2017

School Back Gate re-open in Oct, parent may refer to circular today (no. 25/2017) for detail.


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